The 40 Hour Conundrum

Evaluation time vs actual with overtime

Evaluated Pay

Typically, rural carriers are paid under an "Evaluated" pay system.  Regardless of the actual time spent delivering the route, the carrier is paid the evaluated time.  This can be a great boon:  a carrier working UNDER evaluation is paid more hours than they actually work.  Or it can be a bust:  A carrier working OVER  evaluation is basically donating their time to the Post Office. There are several general exceptions and special exceptions for RCAs.


  General Exceptions:


RCA Exceptions:


It is this last bullet, the 40 hour in a week, that can be a real kick in the teeth.  Let's say, for instance, an RCA carries a 45H route for six days and it takes them 41 hours:

Hours Worked Evaluated Hours Hours Paid
39 45 45
41 45 40 @ regular pay, 1 at OT rate

So, in the 41 hours worked case, the RCA is paid LESS money than the 39 hours case.  Crazy huh?

Overtime Pay