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Structure National Level

Your First Postal Vehicle

Survival Manual

It isn't uncommon to see a new RCA hunting a right hand drive (RHD) vehicle.  This is somewhat unfortunate because: 1) RHD vehicles are hard to find!2) The ones you can find tend to be very expensive, 3) and used RHD vehicles have typically had a hard life (m...

Total GreenHorn? Complete n00b? START HERE

Survival Manual

Thinking about, or maybe already applied, for a Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) position at the Post Office?  Not sure what you're getting in to?  Lots of questions but answers hard to come by?  Well, you've come to the right place! Rural Carriers Rural carr...

What's in the 603?


Well... supposedly everything is in there.  Or at least everything a rural carriers needs to know to do the job.  PO603 on The Good: There is lots of good information in the 603.  It has numerous examples for how the different varied forms sho...

RRECS by the Numbers

What is 86ppm?Under RRECS, The standard to verify a letter's address is 0.0116 minutes per pieces. That works out to 86 pieces of mail per minute (86ppm). This is the *ONLY* per piece time for DPS.So 86ppm, what's the big deal?86ppm is fast. Like FAST fast. So...

Changes from Previous Contract

Contracts 2021-2024 Contract

  Pay Increases: (details about the pay increases, regs vs rcas vs ptf)   Delete Mail Count references: Which parts of mail counts still apply? Which don't?  Who knows! Requirements for formula:   RCA Changes: New RCA somewhat protected during first 2...