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Bidding a Route

How to bid for a full time job.

Choosing a POV

Factors to consider when considering what/if you should buy a vehicle. POV stands for "privately owned vehicle."


Details about the contracts for rural mail carriers

Contributing Guide

How to contribute to this wiki.

Edit Book

Form # ???? Contains box by box listing for carrier's route


What is this thing?


Steps for filing a grievance


Management of rural routes.

NRLCA Constitution

The document that describes it all!

NRLCA History

From whence it came, hence it is.


Rural Carrier Duties

Regular Carrier Responsibilities

What you are required to do for your job

RRECS by the Numbers

What does RRECS mean for your route's evaluation?

Rubber Bands

For more than just slinging at coworkers?

RuralInfo, the website the union warned you about :)

a public forum for rural mail carriers


Structure and titles of the NRLCA

Survival Manual

" 'Don't Panic.' It's the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody's said to me all day." --Arthur Dent