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Survival Manual

" 'Don't Panic.' It's the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody's said to me all day."
--Arthur Dent

Total GreenHorn? Complete n00b? START HERE

Thinking about, or maybe already applied, for a Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) position at the Pos...

The BIG Picture

How does an RCA fit into the Big Picture?   What a rural carrier does (job responsibilities)  ...


Frequently asked questions by RCAs:  Do I have to supply a delivery vehicle? Yes, even if you...

Application Paperwork

All the documents required to obtain an RCA position   Background Check You will have to pass ...

USPS Training

What to expect from the USPS training regiment.

The 40 Hour Conundrum

Evaluation time vs actual with overtime

RCA Health Insurance

RCAs can now get health insurance

The Matrix

What is the matrix? Why is it important? How/when can it be updated? Where are the references ...

Probation: The First 90 Days of Employment


Decoder ring for some of the alphabet soup ladled up at the Post Office DPS --> Delivery Poin...

Forming Form Formations

A quick recap of important forms RCAs will encounter 2240 --> Daily Trip Log [[link here to m...

Your First Postal Vehicle

It isn't uncommon to see a new RCA hunting a right hand drive (RHD) vehicle.  This is somewhat un...