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Changes from Previous Contract


Pay Increases:

(details about the pay increases, regs vs rcas vs ptf)


Delete Mail Count references:

Which parts of mail counts still apply? Which don't?  Who knows!

Requirements for formula:


RCA Changes:

New RCA somewhat protected during first 2 pay periods in an office
Earn annual leave
Can't be forced to different office if casing and carrying in an office
Other office RCA over regular from same office.
PO pays 75% of RCA health plans.

Change in leave policy:

Requests not accepted further than 60 days out.
Leave request must be accepted or denied in 3 days.
Juneteenth is now a holiday

Higher Level:

Limit to how long a carrier can serve as a 204B consecutively


PTF positions must be created based off of a percentage of routes in a "formula" office.