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We are Rural Mail Wiki ("we", "our", "us"). We’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. If you have questions about your personal information please contact us. What information we hold about you The type of data that we collect and process in...


The providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by this web site ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts. Content submitted express the views of their author only. This Service is only available to users who are a...


Survival Manual

Frequently asked questions by RCAs:  Do I have to supply a delivery vehicle? Yes, even if you are in an all LLV office, it is possible you will have to use your own personal vehicle for delivery. Will the Post Office give me one of those snappy blue uni...


Contributing Guide

Admin: Change everything on and about the site.   Editor: Edit books, chapters, and pages.   Filler: Add to already created material.  Make comments.  After registering, a user has the "filler" role   Viewer: See information on the site.  No editing ...

Shadow Day

Survival Manual USPS Training

What is a shadow day?  What are the expectations?  When do they happen?   Typically your Shadow Day is chance for a first-hand observation of a regular carrier.  This should happen before you go to Academy, but it doesn't always pan out that way.  


Survival Manual USPS Training

How long is academy.  What material is covered.  What "isn't" covered?

Route Training

Survival Manual USPS Training

What to expect from your Reg.  Kick them in the pants if they try to sabotage you!

Edit Book Updates

Regular Carrier Responsibilities New Regular Carriers

How to do edit book updates.  how to submit them.  What if they aren't returned timely?

Case Equipment and Labels

Regular Carrier Responsibilities New Regular Carriers

Rules on what size spacing.  Rules on Labels and label guards.  Rules about names on labels, etc.

Evaluated Pay

Survival Manual The 40 Hour Conundrum

Typically, rural carriers are paid under an "Evaluated" pay system.  Regardless of the actual time spent delivering the route, the carrier is paid the evaluated time.  This can be a great boon:  a carrier working UNDER evaluation is paid more hours than they a...

Overtime Pay

Survival Manual The 40 Hour Conundrum

Application Paperwork

Survival Manual

All the documents required to obtain an RCA position   Background Check You will have to pass a background check to work for the Post Office I *think* a felony disqualifies you???    

RCA Health Insurance

Survival Manual

RCAs can now get health insurance

The Matrix

Survival Manual

What is the matrix? Why is it important? How/when can it be updated? Where are the references in the contract/m-38?  

Probation: The First 90 Days of Employment

Survival Manual


Survival Manual

Decoder ring for some of the alphabet soup ladled up at the Post Office DPS --> Delivery Point Sequencing.  Letter mail sorted into delivery order LLV --> Long Life Vehicle.  The iconic postal mail vehicle    

The BIG Picture

Survival Manual

How does an RCA fit into the Big Picture?   What a rural carrier does (job responsibilities)   What a rural carrier associate (RCA) does   Similar jobs in the other crafts (PSE and CCA)

Forming Form Formations

Survival Manual

A quick recap of important forms RCAs will encounter 2240 --> Daily Trip Log [[link here to more detailed exp/examples]]  

Analysis on the Forum

RRECS by the Numbers

A whole sub-forum dedicated to the new evaluation system.  Forum users are quite active, and will do their best to answer any questions posted. RRECS Detailed Calculations  

Office Steward

Structure Office Level

A Local carrier who has been elected by peers to the the steward for the office. TODO:  Flush out here1) How is election ran, link to constitution2) Involvement with grievance, cross link to grievances3) Chief steward (if applicable)4) Z time5) Diff b/n regul...