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Frequently asked questions by RCAs:

 Do I have to supply a delivery vehicle?

Yes, even if you are in an all LLV office, it is possible you will have to use your own personal vehicle for delivery.

Will the Post Office give me one of those snappy blue uniforms?

Mmmm... No.  City carriers and some clerks get the uniform.  Rural carriers have to provide their own outfits.  

 Where can I acquire a right hand drive (RHD) vehicle?

There are, again, RHD jeep vehicles being produced.  These, however, are prohibitively expensive for new carriers.  And used RHD's tend to either be worn out or, again, extremely expensive.  As a new RCA, consider trying to just make something work, until you figure out if you enjoy the job.  Keep your eyes on classifieds and a reasonable, reliable RHD will likely come along.

 How many hours will I work in a week?

Unfortunately this can vary wildly from office to office and even from week to week.  Some offices, short on staff, will have their RCAs working 7 days a week, even upwards of 60 hours.  Other RCAs might be in a fully staffed office, and not even have ONE day each week.  Best bet:  ask one of the RCAs or regular carriers in your office.