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Thinking about, or maybe already applied, for a Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) position at the Post Office?  Not sure what you're getting in to?  Lots of questions but answers hard to come by?  Well, you've come to the right place!

Rural Carriers

Rural carriers are the *Rock Stars* of the PO (not really, but we like to pretend anyway)!  They deliver mail and packages to millions of homes and businesses across the country.

The Bad News:

You must hire in as a rural carrier associate (RCA).  This is a part time gig, and can only go full time based off seniority.  Depending on your office, full time can range from a couple of years to a couple of decades.  You are essentially 'on call' but only guaranteed 1 day per week, at best.  Some offices look out for each other, and work together and help each other.  Other offices... not so much.

The Good News:

This site is here to help!  Check out these links and you'll much better informed than the average recruit.  Plus you'll know what to expect when you show up for training and your first day of work:

Fist Stops

Consider these links for your next stops:
1.  FAQ
2.  USPS Training